With his last EP “Tourette Ballet”, Contravoz and the featured artists show what they can do best: Kick-ass Spanish rap with a fusion of electronic and metal music without concessions.

Furious screams, the shrill of the the guitars are within the new EP “Tourette Ballet”. Contravoz, (swiss with latin roots) is the leader of the crossover crew, where they mix different styles of music, like electro, Hip-Hop and Metal, obtaining a unique and jovial musical collage, not forgetting the aggressiveness of Metal and Rap.

Tourette Ballet offers a musical refreshment with no fear of limits whatsoever.


Vocals Diego Birrer
Additional Vocals Jeremias Jurt, Thierry Oliver, Steve Bucheli, Samuel Flores
Guitar Samuel Flores
Bass Claudio Berger
Drums Mischa Blaser
Music / Arranging Diego Birrer and Daniel Sommer
Mixed and Recorded Daniel Sommer
Mastered  Bob «Macc» Macciochi (Subvert Central Mastering, UK)
Design and artwork Jana Bula
Video Gangoluege