The vegetable is coming of age: During the last twelve months, we were celebrating the release of four excellent Eggplant meals plus that highly diverse flavor of electronic music the Moniker is known for.

This birthday compilation takes a look back on this fabulous first year. The galley’s chef asked a bunch of artists that were involved in the past releases to remix their favorite tune. The result is the ‚Recipes for Reconstruction‘ remix compilation containing no less than 16 tracks. The list of ingredients is known, but their combination has changed. So taste again an unheard blend of Rollin‘ Beats and Heavy Basses, spiced with the whole spectrum of electronic goodness, ranging from Glitchy Blips to rich Ambient Textures.

This release contains the chef’s highly appreciated moussaka recipe!

Get the full release here:

Somtek – Sandman (MimiCof Remix)!

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