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Posts tagged "strange"
SCHNAUZ - It's party time (2008)

SCHNAUZ – It’s party time (2008)

Do you like Tekkno? Hip-Hop? Baile Funk? Baltimore? Grime? Dupstep? Jungle? Mashup? Oldscool? 8bit? Country? Happy Hardcore? Breakcore? …ok, then check this funny mix! …maybe you like or hate it…or both together… FEATURING MUSIC BY: Heaven Shall Burn, Scooter, Cardopusher, Otto von Schirach, Knifehandchop, Kazey and Bulldog, Milanese, Faithless, Dj Dennis, MIA, Donna Summer, Sah,...
SCHNAUZ - A little bit 8bit (2008)

SCHNAUZ – A little bit 8bit (2008)

a 8 bit / chiptune mix with breakcore influences! FEATURING MUSIC BY: Johan Kotlinski, Sabrepulse, Cow’p, Sidabitball, Desert Planet, Random, Covox, Crazy Q, Dj Scotch Egg, Dorothy’s Magic Bag, Atom Truck, Swampyboy, Stivi, Germlin, Fexomat, Istari Lasterfahrer, Mochipet, Dj Rainbow Ejaculation, Bogdan Raczynski, Squarepusher… ….and a lot of 8 bit sampels and mashup’s!!!!!! MADE WITH:...
SCHNAUZ - Rave Sucker (2009)

SCHNAUZ – Rave Sucker (2009)

A funny and clubby Electro / Rave / Dubstep / Breakcore whatever mix. Listen and RAVE SUCKERz! DOWNLOAD