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GIPSY SYNDICATE - Demo mix (2009)

GIPSY SYNDICATE – Demo mix (2009)

Gipsy / Balkan music meets jungle / breakcore and more!
SCHNAUZ - It's party time (2008)

SCHNAUZ – It’s party time (2008)

Do you like Tekkno? Hip-Hop? Baile Funk? Baltimore? Grime? Dupstep? Jungle? Mashup? Oldscool? 8bit? Country? Happy Hardcore? Breakcore? …ok, then check this funny mix! …maybe you like or hate it…or both together… FEATURING MUSIC BY: Heaven Shall Burn, Scooter, Cardopusher, Otto von Schirach, Knifehandchop, Kazey and Bulldog, Milanese, Faithless, Dj Dennis, MIA, Donna Summer, Sah,...
SCHNAUZ - Funky vibes (2004)

SCHNAUZ – Funky vibes (2004)

A funny mix between breakbeats, funkybeats, jazzy shit, turntablism and so on…. DOWNLOAD
SCHNAUZ - I Schnauz live (2007)

SCHNAUZ – I Schnauz live (2007)

RECORDED @ WHUT U CALL IT ROUND 4 IN LUCERNE! DOWNLOAD FEATURING MUSIC BY: Kazey and Bulldog, , Sandrinho, Glowstyx, Milanese Mochipet, Bogdan Raczynski, Shitmat, FFF, X&Trick, Donna Summer, Otto von Schirach, Mathhead, the Random Bit Generator, Knifehandchop…. lexingtonpulmonary.com ….and a lot more!!!!!! MADE WITH: M-Audio Axiom 25, UC 33e, Ableton Live and a bunch...